The Counseling Department at Mary Carroll High School is a busy place, so Carroll is fortunate to have seven counselors on staff to promote student success. While several of them specialize in certain areas, Carroll counselors service ALL students. Our goal is to insure that each student has a positive learning experience at Carroll High School and is prepared to continue their education after high school or be successful entering the world of work.

Counselors are responsible for transitional activities, scheduling new students, schedule changes, pre-registration, college applications and recommendations, parent night meetings, proctoring of correspondence tests, orientations, special education referrals, 504 referrals, summer school pre-registration, parent, teacher, student conferences and college night as well as their individually assigned responsibilities. 

Mary Carroll Counselors

Veronica Meneses
Students: A - Da
extension 20554
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Cecilia Cueva
Students: De - G
extension 20552
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Maria O. Garza
Students: H - Mi           
extension 20558
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Mari Lichtenberger
Students: Mo - R
extension 20555
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Laura Benavides
Students: S - Z
extension 20569
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Susan Bales-Erwin
Career Counselor
extension 20853

Sylvia Cavada
Counselors Secretary
361-878-5147, ext. 20551

O. James Beltran III
Administrator for Academics & Accountability
361-878-5140, ext. 20532

School Counselor’s Creed

Carroll counselors value each and every student that walks through our doors, so we will:

-  Communicate to every student we meet that each is special and precious in  our eyes. 
-  Encourage and support the students when they feel despair. 
-  Correct gently and point them in a direction that is true to their own life spirit. 
-  Parent those who need it and befriend those who have lost faith in adults. 
-  Keep our promises to them. 
-  Be there when everyone else loses heart and turns away from them. 
-  Point their eyes to their own beautiful selves. 
-  Affirm every creative part that emanates from their mouths and their actions.
-  Believe in students’ dreams and persist in assisting them to imagine what some say is impossible. 
-  See miracles that they perform in everyday tasks at home and at school 
-  Remind the students that they can get along with each other no matter what the problem. 
-  Give the students we meet each day a chance to be happy, successful, and caring people.
-  Love the students always.

Schedule Changes:

CCISD Board Policy States that:

“Student-initiated schedule changes to add or drop a course will only be considered if requested during the first five school days of instruction of a course in grades 6–12.”

“Dropping a course is considered a schedule change. Any high school credit course dropped by 
a student after the third week of school will result in agrade of 69.”
“UIL requirements specify that for UIL participation, no student can be dropped or transferred from a course with a failing average later than the end of the fourth week of a reporting period without it being considered a failing grade for extracurricular activity eligibility purposes. This applies to administrator, teacher, student, and parent-initiated schedule changes.”

"Parent-initiated requests for class or teacher changes will be considered according to the guidelines listed below:

-  # of students in the classroom
-  Teacher/pupil ratios
-  Number of classes/sections available
-  Impact on campus schedules, instructional programs, or instructional organization
-  Impact on the assignment or reassignment of another student
-  Additional reasons determined by the principal
-  Time of the year in which the request is made"
for college and financial aid information.